The Heart of Maintenance & Asset Maintenance Beats in Athens

Renowned international invited guests, along with 104 distinguished speakers from 28 different countries, will be visiting Athens for the EuroMaintenance 2016 Conference, which will take place between 30 May and 1 June 2016.

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Zensuke Matsuda, Senior Researcher at Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, Frieder Mathis, Senior Manager of Technical Services of Mercedes-Benz plant in Germany, Nils Martin Rugsveen, Leading Advisor in Maintenance Management, Statoil ASA of Norway, Goran Perinic, expert of Quality and Organizational Processes at CERN in Switzerland, Claus Hincke, Director Technical Service & Operation at Copenhagen airport and Tim Zaal, Consultant at TZConsultancy in The Netherlands are some of the world leaders presenting the latest trends on Maintenance and Asset Maintenance.

Euromaintenance 2016 will cover eight challenging topics on how tradition transforms to innovation and excellence:

•Maintenance & Asset Management

•Maintenance Administration & Execution

•ICT on Maintenance/e-Maintenance

•Prognostics & Health Management-PHM

•Human resources, Training, Qualification, Certification

•Health, Safety & Environment

•Best Practices

•Future & Emerging Maintenance practices

Euromaintenance has been hosted in more than 15 countries across Europe over the past 40 years. The Conference has become a focal point and attracts an outstanding economic interest. The event welcomes about 300 prominent professionals and academics from the Maintenance and Asset Maintenance industries discussing and fostering sustainable solutions and a healthy business environment.

The Conference will be hosted in Athens Ledra Hotel on May 30th – June 1st, 2016.

For more information please visit the official website or contact directly ARTION Conferences & Events at +30 2310257815 (Conference line), +30 2310272275 and by e-mail: .

News | 18.4.2016

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