The Roadmap to Reliability Summit in Belgium to be held at the Crowne Plaza Antwerp on October 5-6, 2015

5.10.2015 - 6.10.2015

Registration is now available for the Roadmap to Reliability Summit Antwerp Series to be held on October 5-6 at the Crowne Plaza Antwerp, intended for plant reliability professionals and plant managers.


Mobius Institute, the premier provider of reliability improvement and condition monitoring training courses and products, today announced that registration has opened for the “Roadmap to Reliability Summit Series” event to be held in Antwerp, Belgium. The two-day event provides a venue for plant managers, operation and maintenance managers, and reliability specialists to meet, learn reliability strategy and best practices needed to implement sustainable reliability improvement initiatives. The entire schedule and more detail can be found on the event website at

The “Roadmap to Reliability” is a working strategy that defines proven practices to improve industrial plant reliability and helps plants to develop a reliability culture that is needed to sustain positive change. It is a common-sense strategy that manages change from the traditional reactive (fault identification and repair) approach, to a proactive approach that introduces improved asset management, improved work management and maintenance practices, defect elimination and proper application of condition monitoring technologies. Higher reliability is then realized through reduced operational stress, by eliminating unnecessary repair events, and allows a plant to operate at its highest potential output with the least disruption and cost.

Jason Tranter is the key presenter of the Roadmap to Reliability event. Mr. Tranter has been involved with reliability and equipment condition monitoring for 30 years, and is the founder of Mobius Institute with its training centers in 50 countries. Not only considered an expert in industrial reliability and machine condition monitoring, he is a popular speaker, having received numerous “best presenter” awards at reliability and condition monitoring conferences in Australia, Europe and the United States. Mr. Tranter is also a delegate on the ISO Technical Committee 108, Sub-Committee 5 (TC108 SC5) “Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems”. And, through Mr. Tranter’s success in delivering quality, industrial education throughout the world, Mobius Institute has earned the prestigious Governor of Victoria Export Awards in 2003, 2007, 2008 and 2012.

“Through decades of experience and collaborating with the best minds in industry, we’ve identified the most successful strategies in implementing reliability improvement”, said Jason Tranter, founder and managing director, Mobius Institute. “The Roadmap to Reliability teaches a common-sense approach to these proven strategies that will have a positive and lasting impact on a plant’s reliability improvement initiative.”

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