The 11th edition of the annual international forum on nuclear energy ATOMEXPO 2019 starts at the Russian city of Sochi

Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom organised a two-day forum with the theme “Nuclear for better life”. Over 3,600 guests from 74 countries participated in the nuclear expo, according to a statement.


Countries including Qatar, Bahrain and Nicaragua participated for the first time at the event.

Russian president Vladimir Putin in a special address, published on the Kremlin’s website, hoped that “ATOMEXPO-2019 would be held in a constructive atmosphere and contribute to resolving long-term tasks facing the nuclear industry.”

Russia has traditionally had a powerful human, scientific and production potential in this field, actively participating in international cooperation and offering its partners high-quality, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions, Putin added.

At the opening ceremony, Alexey Likhachev, general director of Rosatom State Corporation, said, “Peaceful atom is associated with all aims and goals of UN sustainable development programme. This forum will become a space for discussing newest technologies that will lay the basis for the future of our planet.”

Gerassimos Thomas, deputy DG for Energy, EU Commission meanwhile said, “Nuclear is essential to bridge the gap between the contribution of renewable and the EU’s 2050 climate goals.”

Europe will reduce greenhouse gases by 45 percent by 2030 and by 60 percent by 2050. We need to decarbonize and that’s where I think nuclear comes in. In all of the pathways we have examined, Europe, as a whole, requires nuclear to cover a significant part of its electricity needs, he added.

Last year, the forum brought together delegates and guests from 68 countries, with 39 agreements on cooperation and partnership, including commercial deals, signed on its sidelines.

Events | 15.4.2019

IEA holds Energy Efficiency Training Week in Paris

The International Energy Agency is hosting its 11th  Energy Efficiency in Emerging Economies  Training Week from 20 to 24 May. More than 120 energy efficiency professionals from 40 countries have come together in Paris for the event.

Events | 20.5.2019

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