The 11th International Paper Expo-China

30.7.2014 - 1.8.2014

July 30- August 1, 2014

 Poly World Trade Expo Center Guangzhou, China    

Sponsored by:  

Guangdong Paper Association            

Guangdong Trade Union Federation of Paper Industry

Shandong Light Industry Machinery Association  

Henan Paper Industry Association

Zhejiang Paper-making Industry Association      

Sichuan Paper-making Industry Association

Guangxi Paper-making Industry Association

Co-sponsored by:

Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association             

Thailand Pulp and Paper Industries Association

Malaysian Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Association  

Indian Pulp& Paper Technical Association

Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry of South Africa

All Pakistan Paper Merchants Association             

Fujian Paper-making Industry Association

Hunan Paper-making Industry Association

Guangzhou Packaging & Printing Industry Association

Organized and Managed by:      

Guangzhou AUCH Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.


Conferences and Activities:

China Paper’s Business Model Innovation & Breakthrough Forum 2014

The 2nd APPMA Delegation Purchasing Meeting


Welcome to Paper Expo China 2014   

The International Paper Expo-China (Paper Expo China)is aimed at “ Promoting domestic paper consumption and expanding foreign market trade”. Since its inception in 2004, Paper Expo China has grown into one of China’s largest and most significant exhibitions towards domestic as well as foreign markets. It’s also an exhibition that has the best foreign trading results in the same line.


The 11th International Paper Expo-China (Paper Expo China 2014)will be held from July 30 to August 1, 2014 at Poly World Trade Expo Centre Guangzhou, China. As a core paper purchasing platform for buyers at home and abroad, it will fully display various kinds of paper in the world, provide solutions on paper industry and discuss the dynamics of supply and demand as well as developmental trend in paper industry. It builds an effective trading platform for suppliers and purchasers to communicate and cooperate.


It is expected that the total exhibition area of Paper Expo China 2014 will be up to 12,000 square meters and will attract over 300 exhibitors from more than 10 countries and regions to participate. Paper Expo China 2014 focuses on showing the latest pulp, paper, finished paper, and paper processing equipments, etc. and releasing the future trends of paper industry, which shall attract over 12,000 professional visitors from China, Asia as well as western countries and regions to participate and purchase.


2014 Features and Highlights   

  • Major Paper Dealers and Traders in China and Asia

Against the backdrop of global economic change, e-business impact, low paper consumption, and over supply, Paper Expo China 2014 will invite famous strategist and business mode advisers to solve all these difficulties traditional paper companies might encounter. This forum is expected to attract over 500 leaders from paper mills and distributors in China and Asia.  

  • The 2nd APPMA Delegation Purchasing Meeting

All Pakistan Paper Merchant Association (APPMA) will continue to come and conduct a purchasing meeting at the show. They are mainly to source newsprint, special paper, printing paper, cultural paper, paperboard, etc. The 2nd APPMA Delegation is estimated to be composed of 20 enterprises covering paper traders, wholesalers, printers, paper mills, paper retailers, etc.

  • One-on-one buyers invitation and enormous base of end paper users in printing and packaging as well as ad design

²  Contacting designated buyers for exhibitors and provide one-on-one invitation services for exhibitors to achieve their goals;

²  VIP services for buyers such as: badge green channel for VIP visitors, VIP Lounge (free coffee and beverage), free conference attendance, lucky draw and chances to get free accommodation and free one-way trip, etc.

²  Focusing on inviting end users in packaging and paper printing like book and periodical printing, commercial bill printing, graphic design, alcohol and tobacco packaging, food packaging, tea packaging, catalogue printing, label, handle bag, calendar, notebook, business card, etc. and arranging one-on-one communication for them.

  • Close connection with ASEAN, India and the Middle East Market

In 2014, Paper Expo China will focus more on buyers’ invitation in ASEAN, India, and the Middle East countries and regions. After 10 years’ development, the show boasts a massive database of international buyers and a record number of 1,479 professional visitors from over 40 foreign countries and regions last year.


Review of Paper Expo China 2013 

Themed as ‘seeking industrial development together, and promoting new business opportunities”, The 10th International Paper Expo-China was successfully held on August 21-23, 2013 at Poly World Trade Expo Centre Guangzhou, China, whose exhibition scale as well as its popularity hits record high.



²  220 Companies from Finland, Germany, France, USA, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, HK, Taiwan and China

²  4 Pavilions: Shandong Pavilion, Henan Pavilion, Guangdong Yinzhouhu Paper-making Base Pavilion, Guangning Plantations for pulp & paper Pavilion

²  Some famous exhibitors: Stora Enso, Nine Dragons Paper(Holding), Guangzhou Paper Group, Vinda, C&S Paper, Asia Symbol,Guangdong Huatai, Renke Sivlake, Balley Paper, Hongyuan Mill, Yalong Paper, Guangdong Pulp & Paper Exchange, Jiangxi Zehui, Zhujiang Specialty Paper, Dingfeng Paper, Zhongsheng Paper, shanghai Paper Paper, Jiuzhou Paper, Hyrcinth, Shanghan, Huaxin, TTH Paper, Jintian Paper, Wenzhou Zhendian, Jiangqiao Paper, Guangxi Lipu Paper, Xingmin Paper, Zhengzhou Chaoyang, Wuxi Sunrise Paper, Wenzhou Jiamin, Shenzhen Changjiang, Shantou Yonglong, Sunshine, Zhidian, etc.

  • Visitors

²   10986 professional buyers from countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, America

²  9507 domestic buyers mainly from Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Shandong, Fujian, Hunan, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang provinces

²  1479 overseas buyers, 11% increase compared with last year, mainly from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Egypt, etc

  • Events and activities

²  “The 2nd China Paper Dealers’ Meeting” invited Chen Liang, a well-known Internet Marketing Expert, to explain new approaches and skills on current marketing mode. The meeting attracted over 500 representatives from paper distribution, trading, production and processing areas.

²  APPMA Delegation Purchasing Meeting

Conducted a B2B purchasing meeting between 11 member enterprises and suppliers and a number of valuable orders had been placed afterwards


2014 Exhibits Profile

1. Culture paper, stationery paper;
2. Packaging paper, printing paper;
3. Industrial paper, paper board;
4. Special printing and packaging paper including art paper, veined paper, pearl paper, gold/silver card paper, PVC mounting paper, etc;
5. Other Special paper and paper boards in printing, information, packaging, industry, electricity,  agriculture, building materials, filter, heat-resistance, medi-care, cigarette, tipping and finished paper, impact paper, release paper, pressure-sensitive paper, glassine paper, semi-transparent paper, etc.
6. Tissue paper and base paper; 
7. Various Paper products; 
8. Pulp, waste paper and other kinds of paper and board;
9. Related machinery and chemicals.


Participation Costs and Packages

Option 1: Standard Shell Scheme (Min. 9 sqm)

International enterprises: US$250/㎡   Local Enterprises: RMB 8200 /9㎡

Package includes: standard panel, exhibition lintel with company’s English and

Chinese name, carpet, 5A/220V power socket (500W), 2 florescent lamps,

2 folding chairs, 1 information counter, 1 trash can

Note: there is a 10% surcharge of the total fee for corner booths

Option 2: Raw Space (Min. 36 sqm)

International enterprises:US$200/㎡   Local Enterprises: RMB 850/㎡
Note: Raw space does not include any facilities, and it shall be no less than 36 sqm.


For more information about Paper Expo China 2014, please contact:

Guangzhou AUCH Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.

Add: Room1102, No.268, Dong Feng Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China    Zip code: 510030

Ms. Fyanna Fan      Tel: +86-20-83392687      Fax: +86-20-83300152    Email:

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