IDCON 2019 Special Training and Conference Events

IDCON INC, a reliability and maintenance consulting firm headquartered in the United States with partners worldwide, has announced two special events for 2019.  

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- IDCON has always believed a good Preventive Maintenance Program has 90 percent or more of all Preventive Maintenance activities done as inspections while equipment is running.  We find that if a client hasn’t updated their Preventive Maintenance program in the last 5 years it probably doesn’t have the right activities, said Christer Idhammar, founder and CEO of IDCON.  

- Because we still find many organizations struggle with developing, implementing and sustainable an effective Preventive Maintenance Program we have developed Equipment Reliability Training week.  The training is designed to give the attendees concise information how to develop a PM program, condition monitoring methods and tools and how to implement a sensible Root Cause Problem Elimination program, stated Owe Forsberg, Senior Consultant and educational development officer.  

The Equipment Reliability Training Week will be held in Raleigh, NC March 18-22, 2019.  Because this is an in-depth course, hands-on training, it’s limited to 30 people.  Companies interested in registering should visit and click on the Training Menu to download the full outline or call IDCON at 919 847 8764

The second special event is IDCON’s 2-day Reliability and Maintenance Conference to be held September 23-25, 2019.  This conference is focused on the key elements of Reliability and Maintenance and features speakers from around the world discussing how their plants have implemented best practices, solved equipment problems and workforce development.   The conference will feature 15 exhibitors.   Companies interested in registering, speaking or exhibiting should visit  


Events | 29.1.2019

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