Board of Directors

Meeting of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies EFNMS

»»The Board of Directors met for the first time in 2012 for the 39th board face to face meeting.

In addition to the regular agenda items (pending items list, general information, finance, marketing, and reports of working groups) the subjects were EuroMaintenance 2012, “The maintenance landscape” rules for “working groups” and the revision of the articles of the association, on the agenda.

With the introduction of regular conference calls, the efficiency of the board has improved significantly so that the general issues can be handled expeditiously, and thus more time will be available to discuss major issues of strategic nature.

The following has been discussed, approved and or released:

 1. The new “corporate identity” was presented and approved. The new templates are now available and shall be used instead of the old ones. EFNMS members will receive all information, including the rules for copyrights and how to use the logo, at the 13th General Assembly in May in Belgrade.

 2. The bi-annual EuroMaintenance Congress is well on its way, the program is established, the contracts have been signed with authors and the registration has been running for some time.

Also in 2012 the EFNMS prices will be awarded in following categories “Euromaintenance Incentive Award”, “Master Thesis Award” and “Best 5 Paper Award”.

The competitions are conducted under the auspices of the EFNMS by the Salvetti Foundation (http://www.salvettifoundation. org/). In addition to about 100 gravity presentations four workshops: Benchmarking, Asset Management, Safety, Health & Environment and Risk Assessment will be conducted in conjunction with factory visits. The organization of the workshops is well on track and already on the home stretch. The responsible board member, Jan Franlund, is confident that we will have again a well-organized conference on Maintenance and Asset Management. The Board has accepted the report and is looking forward to the event.

 3. The guidelines for a “maintenance concept” was presented and after intense and sometimes controversial discussion was finally approved. This draft will be presented at the next General Assembly meeting to the delegates and the various working groups. Subsequently, the working groups and all interested groups will be invited to develop the details further. The aim is that the guidelines will be presented and approved at the fall meeting and the plan is to publish the guide in a booklet.

 4. To regulate the cooperation within the EFNMS Committees, between the Committees and the Board as well as to protect the intellectual property, the Board discussed a drafted structure for an “EFNMS Guideline to Work in Committees”.

The cornerstones are the protection of intellectual property rights and the use thereof, participation in working groups / committees and the right to use the results through the involved parties.

The results are summarized in a draft report. The guideline shall be further developed, together with the committees in the coming weeks to be approved at the next meeting in Belgrade. The report shall be published by the EFNMS.

 5. For the revision of the EFNMS Articles of Association the Board has asked the national Maintenance Societies for feedback to different subjects of a presentation made by David McKeown. The responses have been summarized at the board meeting and will be incorporated in a proposal to the hands of the delegates. It is envisaged to simplify the Articles of Association and to settle common issues in a policymanual.

The EFNMS, European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, is the European umbrella association of national “maintenance organizations”. The EFNMS is a “nonprofit” organization “To promote the development of the professions within maintenance and asset management, to enhance innovation and to improve the awareness regarding the importance and the impact of maintenance for the European economy”.

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EFNMS Board of Directors

EFNMS Board of Directors from the left: Franco Santini, Treasurer; Antoine Despujols, Liaison Officer Expert & Academic; Per Schjölberg, Liaison Officer Projects & Committees; Jan Franlund, Liaison Officer Events & Euromaintenace; Göran Wersterholm, Director Marketing; Alex Stuber, Chairman; Hans Overgaard, Secretary.

EFNMS | 9.5.2012

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