KPI, OEE and Downtime Analytics by Iconics

Iconics’ products enable plants to significantly improve efficiencies by capturing detailed events, faults, and production information from equipment and operators.


ICONICS’ data collection methodology allows a customizable data set in an open database format, thus providing the necessary data for a variety of analytics with the ICONICS reporting, data management and visualization toolsets to enable improvement of the overall production process.




Melissa Topp, Global Director of Marketing, ICONICS,

Plant engineers and managers need to make informed decisions and implement best practices and may need to have some of the following questions answered:

- Which machines need to be serviced, replaced, or decommissioned?

- Have my production goals been achieved? Am I on target to achieve them?

- Were the machine and station cycle times within design specifications?

- Are certain production cells or stations bypassed during production?

- What is the total performance and total availability?

Plant and operations personnel can make informed decisions using advanced downtime reporting capabilities. The white paper explains the ICONICS Downtime Analytics solution and the modules that comprise it.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE is a percentage calculation determined by 3 major components. The use of OEE can greatly enhance your ability to analyse the process in question and focus on the root cause of low OEE.

AVAILABILITY: Total time equipment was scheduled to run divided by the total possible time the equipment could have been scheduled to run.

PERFORMANCE: Total time equipment was in cycle producing divided by the total time scheduled to run.

QUALITY: Ratio of good parts produced divided by total parts produced.

Downtime is one of the key components of the Performance factor of OEE listed above. Downtime is any time that will reduce the Total Time in Cycle component. In general, break times and lunch times are not considered downtime as they are already included in the Total Scheduled Runtime calculation.

ICONICS’ Alarm Analytics product enables plant personnel to Visualize, Analyse, and Manage alarm information in accordance with the industry’s best practices. It is based on EEMUA and OSHA alarm management specifications, and therefore ensures proper analysis of alarms and events in a manufacturing plant. That analysis can reveal significant opportunities for improving current operations and mitigating abnormal situations.

The ICONICS Alarm Analytics module captures and analyses all alarm and event information to identify frequent alarms, chattering alarms, cross-correlated alarms, and many more alarm-related issues. This module also records, analyses, and displays operator-initiated process changes, which then yield significant insight into the performance of the entire system.


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