19.3.2019 - Cmms

If you are considering to employ  RCM analysis  at your facility, it means you have recognized the need for a change in your maintenance strategies. Reliability-centered maintenance is an excellent way to keep your plant or machinery up and running by helping you choose the optimal maintenance strategy for all of your important assets. 

15.3.2019 - Applications

Technology group Wärtsilä has successfully tested its remote guidance service, thereby creating an entirely new dimension in vessel repair and maintenance operations.

15.3.2019 - Partner Articles

The oldest paper mill still operating in Germany detects defective steam traps with digital ultrasonic testing technology

15.3.2019 - Asset Management

In the time it takes you to read this article, I hope to forever change how you think and act. A lofty goal for 1,638 words, right? No pressure. How is this possible? By helping you to develop an unbreakable perspective that is the key source of success for modern leaders.  Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you will benefit from this powerful mindset. 1,574 words to go; let’s get started. 

15.3.2019 - Partner Articles

It is said that, “Maintenance is Managed by Managing Backlog”. Truer words were never spoken. Improvement in the management of maintenance leads to lower maintenance costs, more operating hours, increased safety and higher equipment reliability. So, the question is, how do we generate backlog to improve the management of maintenance?

15.3.2019 - Asset Management

Corrective, Preventive, Reality-Based, Predictive and Prescriptive: The Right Maintenance Routine Does Matter A Lot

15.3.2019 - Asset Management

At this year’s ComVac, the leading international trade fair for compressed air and vacuum technology, ultrasound specialist SONOTEC will be presenting the new modular software platform SONAPHONE DataSuite for the digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE for the very first time. From 1 to 5 April 2019, visitors to booth E09 in Hall 26 will be able to see for themselves the benefits of the predictive maintenance software.

15.3.2019 - Asset Management

At this year’s Hannover Messe, Bega Special Tools will introduce a new generation of low-frequency induction heaters. These are used for controlled heating of bearings, gears and other machine parts. Using smart processor technology, they provide better control over a stress-free, controlled heating process. A log function allows the heating process to be recorded.

14.3.2019 - Asset Management

Ultrasound and infrared technologies are a perfect match when conducting inspections of electrical equipment. At any voltage, thermal anomalies and sources of ultrasound such as tracking and arcing can occur. Corona can also occur at 1000 volts and greater. Any of these conditions threaten the reliability of the equipment being inspected. 

14.3.2019 - Partner Articles

The challenge today is to how to best migrate the tightly-coupled factory floor architectures with the loosely coupled Web Services architecture of the IT world. Because of the discontinuity between the factory floor and the Enterprise, opportunities to mine the factory floor for quality data, interrogate and build databases of maintenance data, feed dashboard reporting systems, gather historical data and feed enterprise analytic systems are unavailable. Opportunities to improve maintenance procedures, reduce downtime, compare performance at various plants, lines and cells across the enterprise are all lost. But there is a reliable, highly secure and reliable solution: OPC UA.