6.4.2021 - News

The forest industry’s PulPaper rescheduled to March next year and Virtual pre-PulPaper will be organised this spring on 29 April 2021. The online event, free for visitors, interestingly opens up the themes of next year’s event and offers four keynote speeches.

25.3.2021 - News

On the 27th of October, BEMAS - the Belgian Maintenance Association, organises the Asset Performance Awards to highlight achievements in maintenance and asset management.

25.3.2021 - News

Konecranes has won an order with Tbhawt Manufacturing in Estonia for 17 S-series overhead cranes and two CXTD wire rope hoist cranes. The order, booked in February 2021, reflects the growing popularity of Konecranes’ synthetic rope crane and shows the company’s commitment to helping customers and industries grow and transform so they run more efficiently, sustainably and safely.

25.3.2021 - News

Finnair has signalled its interest for electric aviation as a force to be reckoned with for future flying, signing a Letter of Interest for Heart Aerospace's Electric ES-19 electric aircraft, which is currently under development.  

25.3.2021 - HSE

With the growing importance of environmental foresight, Deltamarin, in partnership with Cargill and BAR Technologies, is seeking to be a leader for the maritime industry in climate- and environment-related issues.

25.3.2021 - Partner Articles

Version 10.97 features major enhancements across ICONICS’ multiple automation software offerings, including GENESIS64™ visualization and SCADA system, Hyper Historian™ rapid data historian, AnalytiX® data analysis, MobileHMI™ apps, and IoTWorX™ cloud connectivity solutions.

25.3.2021 - Partner Articles

SDT Ultrasound Solutions proudly presents a brand-new range of permanent ultrasonic sensors: We call these condition monitoring sensors “CONMONSense” and they are ready for the IIOT revolution.

25.3.2021 - Asset Management

Priority, as defined in the Franklin Dictionary, means “coming before in time, order, or importance.” When prioritizing maintenance work, one must consider its importance to the entire company.

21.3.2021 - Asset Management

Find out in this webinar recording what UE Systems has been working on to provide maintenance professionals with IIoT solutions for permanent and remote bearing monitoring and lubrication.

23.2.2021 - Asset Management

Ultrasound technology has become one of the essential tools in predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and reliability, due to its quick learning curve, ease of use and flexibility. Leak detection has been one of the most common applications for ultrasound, but we now see the technology more and more being used together with sound analysis software to diagnose specific mechanical and electrical faults.