21.1.2022 - News

The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) together with the Manufuture and the European Commission is launching the first Industry 5.0 Award dedicated to EU-funded projects whose results make European industry more resilient, sustainable, and human-centric.

20.1.2022 - News

World Water Week will take place from 23 August to 1 September 2022 online and in Stockholm, Sweden. This new format will offer opportunities to connect face to face and online to engage audiences worldwide. The theme of World Water Week 2022 is ‘Seeing the unseen: The value of water‘, with a focus on the diverse aspects of water, how others view and value water, and to help uncover water’s full value to society. 

20.1.2022 - Applications

Ultimo and XMReality launched a partnership to help customers improve efficiency and increase safety in field maintenance jobs. Swedish-based XMReality is a remote support platform that allows people to connect with colleagues or external experts to guide, inspect, verify or troubleshoot. The Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software provider Ultimo helps technical services and maintenance professionals gain better control over their assets. 

19.1.2022 - HSE

Technology companies Honeywell and FREYR Battery have announced an agreement through which smart energy storage solutions will be provided to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers alike. Subject to viability, FREYR will leverage Honeywell’s broad automation and software expertise including automation systems, quality assurance and controls, and industrial software to provide manufacturing capacity at scale in Europe and the U.S.

19.1.2022 - News

Valmet will deliver automation to the Baltics’ first biogas plant fired with household and commercial biowaste. Built by BioWOIMA Finland Oy in Tallinn, Estonia, it will produce biomethane for the natural gas network and fuel for compressed natural gas-powered vehicles. Biofertilizer for land improvement is also produced as a by-product.

19.1.2022 - Cmms

Maintenance teams deal with a myriad of issues daily. Requests for repairs stream in from different departments or users of the facility. Organizations provide maintenance work requests to departments to ensure uniformity and consistency when reporting problems and raising alerts with maintenance teams. Work requests enable companies to plan and prioritize maintenance tasks. In return, maintenance managers can allocate work evenly so that technicians remain productive and improve maintenance turnaround time. 

12.1.2022 - News

Caverion has decided to divest the entire share capital of its subsidiary (JSC “Caverion Rus”) in Russia to Aim Cosmetics Rus, LTD. The transaction covers Caverion’s entire operations in Russia which are focused on the St. Petersburg and Moscow regions. After the completion of the transaction, Caverion Group will no longer operate in Russia.

12.1.2022 - Applications

Valmet introduces the  Valmet Fiber Furnish Control  application package for board and papermakers to stabilize refiner operation for maximized production efficiency with ensured furnish quality. Based on real-time measurements of multiple fiber properties and freeness, the control features advanced feedback and feedforward solutions together with model predictive control.

30.12.2021 - Partner Articles

Companies enhance their productivity and profitability by performing appropriate maintenance on their physical assets. The assets need to operate optimally and be available throughout production cycles. Most organizations optimize their maintenance programs to lower maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) costs. Excessive expenditure on equipment maintenance results in lower profit margins.

16.12.2021 - Partner Articles

UE Systems, the world lead in ultrasonic solutions for maintenance and reliability, will host a CAT II Ultrasound course in January, in Rotherham, UK.