17.6.2019 - R&D

Hydrogen has the opportunity to become a critical part of a more sustainable and secure energy future, according to The Future of Hydrogen , a report produced at the request of the government of Japan under its G20 presidency, which analyses the current state of play for hydrogen and offers guidance on its future development.

14.6.2019 - Cmms

Preventive maintenance plans are no small feat. If you’re accustomed to reacting to unexpected breakdowns and critical emergency repairs, a preventive maintenance plan will force you to think months, even years ahead. This may take you out of your comfort zone, but it will instill peace of mind knowing that your critical assets are covered.

10.6.2019 - Asset Management

A wealth of plant and equipment data is now available to help process companies make operational improvements, but managing this data can be time-consuming. The latest asset performance platforms aggregate predictive intelligence and deliver concise information to the right people, wherever they are located.

10.6.2019 - HSE

EU-OSHA’s flagship awareness-raising activity is a pan-European campaign named the Healthy Workplaces Campaign. Under the slogan “Safety and health at work is everyone’s concern. It’s good for you. It’s good for business,” activities in a given cycle cover a specific topic, aimed at spreading the message to workplaces all over Europe and beyond. 

10.6.2019 - Asset Management

Here is the reality. If you are looking to improve equipment reliability across your entire site, you might wait for Big Data, IioT or I4.0 to break through, or to do it for you, but I would recommend that you start a lubrication revolution.

10.6.2019 - Applications

Leaks can form practically anywhere in a plant. This includes pressurised systems and systems under a vacuum. Leaks can occur internally through valves and steam traps, in heat exchanger and condenser tubes or to the atmosphere. While it is important to locate potential safety hazards from leaks, the loss of gases through leaks can be very costly. 

10.6.2019 - Applications

It is easy to be a little sceptical when you hear stories of the future of work because no one really knows for sure how it is all going to pan out. What we do encounter is plenty of noise. 

7.6.2019 - Partner Articles

Here are reasons why SDT Ultrasound Solutions has been rewarded the last two years.

6.6.2019 - R&D

The Consortium for Battery Innovation, which includes more than 90-member companies worldwide and supports pre-competitive research into lead battery technology, is preparing for a surge in demand for energy storage in the next decade.

6.6.2019 - HSE

The most successful sports team in history is the New Zealand Men’s National Rugby team, known to Rugby fans as the All Blacks for their kit colour. Their win percentage, over 125 years of competitive games, is 77 percent. How does a team maintain an almost unbelievably high standard for more than a century? One of the factors allowing them to sustain their incredibly high performance has been the protection of their standards of practice, competitive play, and how they conduct themselves in their private lives.