10.9.2021 - News

A report carried out by Egis and the UK Met Office on behalf of EUROCONTROL assesses how existing weather trends have impacted aviation in recent years, factoring in climate change impacts that are emerging faster than expected. 

8.9.2021 - HSE

Forests play a key role in reducing the effects of climate change. Forest Carbon Monitoring (FCM) is a project led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and financed by the European Space Agency ESA, aiming to create a new forest carbon service for forest operators’ needs.

8.9.2021 - News

The European Decontamination Industry Report 2021, a new edition of EDI’s industry sector, is now available for online consultation and accessible from all types of devices.

27.8.2021 - Asset Management

For a major water supplier in England, Riventa have been monitoring a hydro-turbine to see if its maximum possible electrical output was being maintained.

26.8.2021 - News

Nordic Iron Ore has appointed ABB to scope process control and management systems for a future-proof and fully-digitalized mining operation at the Blötberget iron ore mine.

26.8.2021 - Asset Management

Maintenance guarantees the availability and reliability of production facilities and equipment. Slight breakdowns or production stops can plunge a company into irreversible financial losses. By adopting a specific maintenance strategy, a company can improve the safety of its operations, monitor compliance with statutory regulation, and improve the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

25.8.2021 - Asset Management

It has become almost common to say that leak detection on a compressed air system can mean big money! Who hasn't seen these tags indicating the presence of a leak in a system? And then? Well, nothing ... because of the lack of a proper action plan.

25.8.2021 - News

IDCON Inc, leader in Reliability and Maintenance Management, has launched a new online training for Work Management Planning and Scheduling. Its goal is to get operations and maintenance teams in sync, become more productive, and have less reactive maintenance. The self-paced, online training is fast, efficient and includes all the essential Work Management knowledge that maintenance and operations professionals need.

19.8.2021 - News

On the 27th of October, BEMAS - the Belgian Maintenance Association, organises the Asset Performance Awards to highlight achievements in maintenance and asset management. Asset owners and service providers can participate in three categories: “Asset Performance 4.0” for digital achievements, “Best Improvement” for the implementation of best practices, and “Technical Team of the Year”.

11.8.2021 - Asset Management

Little or no maintenance contributes to equipment downtime and failure. As a result, organizations fail to meet their production quotas, directly hurting their profitability.