24.6.2021 - Asset Management

Samotics, a leading provider of AI-driven industrial analytics for asset performance management, has been selected for a 12-month trial by United Utilities Group PLC, one of the UK’s largest water and wastewater companies, to improve the reliability and efficiency of its operations. The trial emerged from United Utilities’ CEO Challenge initiative, in which teams of graduates in different business areas work together to find innovative solutions to business issues, such as maintenance excellence and minimising environmental impact. 

24.6.2021 - Partner Articles

The Grain sets new standards in production planning and scheduling with Checkmate. Beyond other planning tools, Checkmate takes real-time account of all production factors from staff shortages, over machine downtime to unforeseen orders, and constantly reworks schedules per day, per hour or even per minute. In this way, planners always make the best possible decision and can meet or even exceed their objectives

24.6.2021 - Partner Articles

CONTA-CLIP expands its terminal block range featuring push-in connection for 2.5 mm² cross sections, adding the new PIKD three-level initiator terminals and multi-wire terminals.

24.6.2021 - R&D

Unaware that rod mill chocks had been fitted with the incorrect spacers, maintenance technicians at the plant of a steel manufacturer were facing regular bearing failures and the need to source high-cost urgent replacements.

24.6.2021 - News

Vattenfall and BASF have agreed the sale of 49.5 percent of Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) in the Netherlands. Once fully commissioned it will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world and also the first one ever to be built without subsidies for the power produced.

24.6.2021 - HSE

Technology group Wärtsilä has signed an accord with Global Energy Ventures (GEV) of Australia, a company specialised in delivering compressed shipping solutions for transporting energy to regional markets. The two companies will cooperate on the inclusion of Wärtsilä propulsion systems in GEV’s compressed hydrogen (C-H2) ships.

21.6.2021 - Asset Management

On 23 May 2021 the unthinkable happened: a cable from the Alpino-Mottarone cable car in picturesque Stresa near Lago Majore snapped. 

15.6.2021 - Asset Management

Management of spare parts and other materials needed for realization of maintenance processes is one of the key functions in physical asset management. Especially in power generation, oil and gas and heavy chemical industries, spare parts inventories can easily add up to tens of thousands of various items, in a value of hundreds of millions of euros. 

15.6.2021 - Asset Management

Nowadays the world invests around $2.5 trillion a year in infrastructure physical assets such as transportation, power, water, and telecom systems on which businesses and populations depend. Yet this amount continues to fall short of the world’s ever-expanding needs, which results in lower economic growth (MGI’s 2013 report).

15.6.2021 - Asset Management

Asset Integrity is the ability of an asset to perform its function effectively and efficiently throughout its lifecycle while safeguarding life and the environment. In other words, an asset in question is required to perform its intended function as per the design intent. An Asset Integrity management system is about taking care of the aspects of people, processes and equipment interaction effectively to achieve the design intent of an asset.