7.6.2024 - R&D

With the introduction and implementation of Industry 5.0 we move into a new and imperative era, merging our digital world of advanced technology with our physical world of sustainability.

7.6.2024 - Asset Management

The key concepts and challenges you may encounter when implementing an autonomous maintenance programme.

7.6.2024 - R&D

For this dissertation, four possible VR scenarios were identified along the maintenance documentation journey (see Figure), and three of them were evaluated in user tests. The fourth one, training to local maintenance team, was excluded from this study as it did not involve actual content creation but was considered a post-publishing activity.

7.6.2024 - HSE

Modernization allows older drives to achieve all the benefits of modern technology – lower harmonics, and higher serviceability and uptime.

7.6.2024 - R&D

Augmented reality is a viable new distribution channel for service instructions and enhances the product development process and service business of industrial companies.

7.6.2024 - Partner Articles

A well-stocked Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is invaluable for the maintenance department. 

6.6.2024 - Asset Management

Our case for the collaboration between actual and artificial intelligence.

6.6.2024 - Partner Articles

Vibration analysis has long been the instrument of choice for the inspection of bearings and other rotating equipment. And more commonly, vibration analysis is being used in conjunction with ultrasound.

6.6.2024 - R&D

Worn parts need to be replaced and nuclear dust needs to be removed and handled safely. The remote replacement of massive divertor cassettes in the ITER reactor was demonstrated at the beginning of the year on the DTP2 test platform at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

6.6.2024 - R&D

SSAB has tested 3D printing in the production of hard-to-find spare parts. The results showed a longer lifespan of parts and lower costs.