Predictive Maintenance Launch Event with Mainnovation & PwC


Predictive maintenance is key to the optimization of asset maintenance. Through the possibilities brought along by "Big Data", we are now standing at the dawn of a new era.

With the enormous amounts of data coming from sensors, environmental factors, historical records as well as external sources, and the help of advancing analysis techniques, it is becoming possible to predict with more accuracy than ever before when exactly the technical condition of an asset will deteriorate and how to plan a clever maintenance schedule.

The potential of predictive maintenance using big data resources is enormous: a much higher uptime, an improvement in assets' life cycle, a significant increase in the safety of employees and the environment, and of course, a further reduction in maintenance costs.

In the past months, PwC and Mainnovation have conducted research related to the use of big data in predictive maintenance by companies in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

- We will present the insights from this research during our Predictive Maintenance -event on Wednesday, 18 October. In addition, we will show you some practical cases to demonstrate what it means to apply big data in the management and maintenance of various asset types, Mainnovation says.

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