Mobius Launches New Condition Monitoring Training Product


Mobius Institute, the provider of reliability improvement, vibration analysis and precision maintenance courses and training products, has introduced a new training product intended for plant maintenance and reliability professionals: iLearnReliability™ [Condition Monitoring]. 

The product teaches plants how to monitor the condition of their production equipment, identify specific faults and when to effectively make proper repairs before a production failure occurs.

A productive Condition Monitoring (CM) program provides insight into equipment condition that is critical to avoiding unplanned downtime, and serves as a foundation of all plant reliability improvement initiatives.

- iLearnReliability [CM] is focused on providing the education needed to manage and implement a successful CM program. It includes over thirty training modules covering program management, overviews of a wide variety of CM topics, awareness training for operators and maintenance personnel, and comprehensive technical training for plant technicians, the company says in a statement. 

- iLearnReliability [CM] demystifies both the technology and the strategy used to effectively determine the health of plant equipment and when maintenance action is required, says Jason Tranter, founder and managing director, Mobius Institute. 


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