Adash’s Vibration Data Collector: Vibrio M – The Evolution


Isn’t it interesting that we first developed Vibration Analyzer in 1994 and then we decided to make something simpler… Do you remember the first Adash vibration meter - the first Vibrio device?





Development of the first Vibrio device finished in 2000 and the device entered the market at the beginning of 2001.The device only measure acceleration in g RMS in full range of the sensor. The funny switch in the middle was just for changing between low range to high range of acceleration. Stethoscope and signal output were additional amazing features. When I said „It measured…“ It actually still measures as we have received this device for calibration this year.



Vibrio II – Born in 2003. This was a big step forward with totally different concept. New aluminum casing with a LED display and new DSP board, which enabled the measurement of not only acceleration, but also velocity in mm/s, particularly the range for 10-1000 Hz according to ISO.



Another improvement occurred in 2003. The Vibrio III was been fitted with an OLED display so it was possible to show also dynamic values such as time waveform and FFT. In 2009, also a LED stroboscope and IR temperature features were added.


In 2013 a new revolution took place. The Vibrio DSP was rebuilt from scratch and the very important part was added on the DSP board –memory. That’s how the Vibrio M device saw the light of day. Since then, the Vibrio M has become a data collector and along with free DDS software offers a perfect start to any predictive maintenance program.



Last but not least after two years of development the EX version of Vibrio was made in 2015. The only question is, what will be the next step?....