New Technologies are Revolutionizing Traditional Industrial Maintenance


Many industrial processes have remained unaltered for decades even though the world has gone through drastic change. Ultimately, this change has induced a big impact on the operating environment of the different industries.

industrial factory_2

Examples of these are tightening environmental regulations, globalization and the economical requirements set by the stock market. These have put companies in a difficult situation to find new production methods to keep up with the continuous transformation of the operational environment.

The focus of different industries has been so far on creating totally new production technologies in-house and the use of chemicals to comply with market and regulatory requirements. The down side of this is that the realization of improvements is going to take a long time and has left the new technology providers that could help immediately, without the attention they deserve. There are plenty of reasons why this has happened and not the smallest one is the ability of the new emerging technology companies to get in and to understand the business and the logic of big industrial customers.

What does this mean from the perspective of industrial maintenance and maintenance organizations? Everybody is struggling to keep up with the new requirements and there is increasing pressure to get things done cheaper.

Resources are scarce and time schedules are becoming tighter whilst at the same time the operational uptime of the plant is at top priority. In addition to this, there is no time to work on improvement projects to make quick gains.

New technologies such as intelligent and adaptable cleaning ultrasonic solutions, can bring huge benefits to production plants. When IoT functionality is embedded, the system can analyze the situation and adjust the cleaning independently based on the actual need. Utilizing a technology that can clean and prevent fouling, while the production process is running, is going to bring huge improvements in the form of increased production, energy efficiency and reduction on the need to use chemicals for this purpose. This is just one example of new technologies out there that can add immense value.

So now is the time for the big companies to take the advantages of the new emerging technologies and give a chance to the young companies and startups providing them. The established companies that go down this road are going to get the biggest gains over their competitors by being in the front line.

Author of this blogpost: Bo Malmberg, Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer for Altum Technologies - a company that provides ultrasonic solutions for industrial process cleaning.