Trackunit Service Helps Boost Productivity in the Construction Industry


Trackunit  A/S from Denmark has announced the introduction of its Trackunit Go, mobile application for real-time monitoring and optimization of construction equipment use. 


-According to McKinsey, construction is one of the least digitized industries globally, says Joergen Raguse, CEO Trackunit A/S.

-The market struggles with low margins and low productivity. Large construction project timelines are typically delayed by 20 percent, and up to 80 percent of projects are over budget. What’s surprising is there has been no significant improvements in over a decade. The construction industry is ripe for the kind of digital disruption which Trackunit is bringing to market.

Accelerating construction into the digital age

The launch of new mobile-first technologies and services such as Trackunit Go are game changers for the construction industry, setting new standards for digital services.

In practical use, real-time data, e.g., empowers technicians to become a proactive service department rather than a reactive repair team – by encouraging preventive maintenance based upon machine health monitoring via mobile devices, construction companies are better able to mitigate the costs and productivity losses incurred by unplanned downtime.

From hindsight to data-driven foresight

-Telematics is not science fiction, says Joergen Raguse.

-It’s an embedded and well-established technology platform which has come of age in Trackunit’s hands. The step forward in digitization which Trackunit brings is the way we collect and analyze telematics data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive and predictive information. Our technology consigns old-fashioned, historical reporting to the waste basket.

At every moment, valuable data is produced by machines. Traditionally telematics has used this data to provide backward-looking reports about information and events such as machine up-time, fuel consumption and localization. By collecting real-time data Trackunit enables companies to extract information and turn it into business improving foresights for smarter and faster decisions.