Adidas and Siemens to Collaborate in the Digital Production of Sporting Goods


Adidas and Siemens have announced plans to collaborate in the digital production of sporting goods. The partners will work to boost the digitalization of the adidas SPEEDFACTORY to help develop capabilities for fast, transparent and individualized production.


The adidas SPEEDFACTORY opens doors for the creation of products which are more closely in touch with the consumer and are completely unique to their fit and functional needs. The manufacture of individual sporting goods calls for flexibility in production and rapid integration of new technologies. As part of the cooperation, Siemens is bringing invaluable expertise to the table. A "digital twin" of the SPEEDFACTORY will allow the entire production process to be simulated, tested and optimized up front. Merging the virtual and real worlds will help shorten the time to market, bring greater flexibility and provide improved manufacturing quality and efficiency.

- With SPEEDFACTORY we can completely rethink conventional processes and live up to these high expectations, explains Gerd Manz, Vice President Technology Innovation at Adidas.

- By digitalizing the value chain, we will be able to implement new technological innovations more quickly, make more efficient and transparent use of the resources available and so respond more flexibly to the individual needs of our consumers – to give them what they want when they want it.

Trend Towards Greater Customization

The SPEEDFACTORIES run by adidas are a perfect illustration of where the production of the future is heading, says Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Management Board of Siemens AG.

- The social trend towards greater customization coupled with new technologies capable of actually fulfilling these expectations will permanently change many production processes.